Kroger Closing:  The Kroger at 924 S. 2nd Street in Louisville, KY is expected to close by January 31, 2017.  We understand that Kroger will provide weekly bus service to the Kroger at 1265 Goss Avenue.  Community Volunteers are working with the City / Louisville Forward to identify opportunities to improve local access to food.  Please help find solutions for this important issue by completing the survey below.

Kroger Closing Survey - Food shopping issues:
1. Do you have reliable transportation available to shop at another grocery store?
Yes - if you have access to a car, van, or other regular transportation that can travel to another grocery store.
2. Do you plan to use the free bus service to the Goss Avenue Kroger?
3. How practical is it for you to use the bus service to the Goss Avenue Kroger?
4. If available, would you frequently shop at a smaller neighborhood grocery store rather than travel to another Kroger / larger store?
5. How interested might you be in having your groceries delivered to your home/apartment?
Optional - Helpful Information

Please ask your neighbors to help address this issue by completing this survey!

This survey is not affiliated with The Kroger Co.