A student honor code and classroom conduct policy should be implemented and directly supported by ongoing curriculum in Humanity, Ethics, Brain Science and Personal Development. An annual honor and trust assessment should be performed with each student and individualized professional student counseling and course-work provided to address honor and trust issues. Key data should be logged for automated correlation with student success and continuing reevaluation of education improvement opportunities. Strong mentoring, social service resources, and mental health counseling programs should be available. Alternative educational resource options should be made available for all students, including a career options with trade-skills education, work-study programs, and apprenticeships.

SPECIAL REQUEST:  With the ongoing crisis of school shootings - it is clear we must create a consensus for action.  Please comment below on your most effective actionable recommendation(s).  Certainly choices might include: gun control, eliminating violent video/games, more armed security, more weapons screening & detection, more school access security, and providing students with new-tech self-defense tools.  But please also comment on preventative solutions - including your views on individual counseling (such as the above annual honor and trust assessment) and humanity class-work with student-led exploration, presentations, problem-solving, role-plays, etc. addressing impacts and solutions for bullying, hostility, anger, hopelessness, healing, and empathy.