School curriculums should be substantially broadened to enable students to learn key concepts and principals in many more areas and to effectively navigate an increasingly complex world. This much broader curriculum, combined with the Digital Education Platform and Active Learning Paradigm above will enable students can spend more time learning, understanding, and actively applying concepts and less time memorizing data and limited perspectives from textbook authors. 

Below are areas that might be worthy of additional focus in an expanded curriculum:

§  Active Learning Paradigm (tools/skills/teamwork)

§  Language - Speech, Reading, Writing, Other Languages Survey (non-English), Translational Software

§  Mathematics and Logic

§  Literature, Art, Music, Philosophy, Humanity, Ethics, & Creativity/Fulfillment

§  Health, Stress Management, & Nutrition

§  Information Technology, Algorithms, Robotics, AI, & Trade-Skills

§  Natural Science - Geography, Natural Resources, Ecosystems, & Weather

§  Physical Science - Biology / Paleontology, Chemistry, Physics / Energy, & Astronomy

§  Perception, Communication, Disinformation, Brain Science, and Personal Development

§  Societies - Servitude, Freedom, Privacy, Faiths, Organizations, Law, & Governments

§  Economics - Labor, Capital, Industry, Markets, Taxation, & Government Finance

§  History - People, Pursuits, War, Peace, & Collaboration