Please Help Design - America's Digital Education Platform.

Schools are complex organizations with their Administration, Content, and Leadership functioning much like an organism's mind, body, and spirit.  Administration and Leadership are incredibly important state and local responsibilities.  But building, maintaining, and delivering state-of-the-art education Content is an extreme challenge that requires powerful digital tools.  As the world's knowledge [Content] continues to explode - do you believe the states should join together to build a flexible and resilient Digital Education Platform?  Should every school have world-class tools to acquire, manage, and master Content / tools that can provide personalized learning for every student and enable our instruction to keep pace with this knowledge explosion?  or not?

The illustration below is offered as a discussion starter.  With this example - the 50 State School Boards will staff a team to manage a flexible and verified Knowledge Repository.  This repository will use an innovative modular structure to enable efficient learning and navigation through principles, concepts and physical laws/rules - while also providing rapid access to underlying detail, including historical observations and perspectives.  Intuitive navigation flow may include movement up and down to higher and lower levels of detail and, left and right to similar and dissimilar topics.  The repository will contain essentially all types of media, including text, images, audio, video, databases, software, etc.  

Education Applications will be developed to enable individual students to engage with the Knowledge Repository on a personalized learning pathway that enables them to proceed as quickly or slowly as appropriate for each individual topic.  This will be an incredibly powerful 'game changer' for American Education.  Student tablets and/or computers will be used to access the Knowledge Repository and Educations Apps - with no further need for paper textbooks.

A Local School Digital Platform will be available for schools to compile local education material (and submit to the shared Knowledge Repository) and to manage their own curriculum and local data.  A local Student Learning Application (account) will be available for each student to interface with various AI enabled Education Applications and document progress through their curriculum, track assignments and store projects, and manage testing & learning assessments. 

Knowledge Contributors will provide knowledge from the public domain and assist with Knowledge Repository development.  America's most successful technological and education organizations will jointly propose and prototype a common architecture for this knowledge ecosystem that is flexible and open, but subject to a verifiable peer review / approval process.  The 50 state team will use its resources to supplement the Knowledge Repository as needed and to make core Education Applications available to the states.  However, a key goal will be to leverage taxpayer dollars and technology in a highly efficient manner and minimize open-ended vendor payment streams.  To maintain a vibrant, adaptable ecosystem - innovative approaches will be used to encourage scholarly and scientific publishing - potentially including tokenization of credentials and commissioning of content and education application development.

Discussion Starter - below is a potential ADEP illustration.  Please collaborate and share your thoughts and ideas by adding a comment below.  We will then summarize and ask for further input to create consensus and move to the next phase of prototype design.  Thanks!


Please share your thoughts and ideas by adding a comment below.   Thanks!